Terry McAuliffe will have the backs of UAW families

  • McAuliffe blocked a plan to let local governments gut living and prevailing wage requirements, protecting strong wages for workers
  • He pushed employers and management to go above and beyond on safety and OSHA requirements in our workplaces
  • He has a plan to strengthen Virginia’s collective bargaining laws and require employers to honor paid sick days and family leave

UAW Families Will Get Left Behind With Glenn Youngkin as Governor

  • Youngkin made his millions shipping American jobs overseas,1 ruining workers and their families while he got rich.
  • In fact, nearly 500 of these jobs were auto parts manufacturing jobs that were sent to Mexico and Korea.2
  • Youngkin already admitted he has secret plans for Virginia that he won’t tell us about.3 Who knows what else is in store for UAW members and retirees?

Check The Facts: 1) AP, 7/1/21; 2) AP, 7/1/21; 3) Washington Post, 7/7/21

Terry McAuliffe Knows He Works for Us

The UAW endorses Terry McAuliffe for Governor because he will protect our collective bargaining rights, defend strong wages for all working families, and has a real plan to lower the cost of prescription medications.

Early Voting Ends Oct. 30

Election Day is Nov. 2

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