Gretchen Whitmer
During tough times, Governor Gretchen Whitmer is a tough leader who always puts Michigan first. She’s worked across party lines to get results to help Michigan families right now, lowering costs, making record investments in public education, and creating more economic opportunity – all without raising taxes.
  •  Gov. Whitmer is lowering costs by delivering $400 auto insurance refund checks for every driver in the state, providing tuition-free community college, and expanding access to affordable child care. She’s also fighting to eliminate Michigan’s retirement tax for seniors.¹
  •  Gov. Whitmer turned a projected $3 billion deficit into a $7 billion surplus and made the largest investment in K-12 public education in Michigan’s history – without raising taxes.²
  •  Gov. Whitmer is ensuring Michigan remains a leader in manufacturing and the auto industry, securing 25,000 new auto jobs and leading the fight to bring the supply chain – including manufacturing semiconductor chips – back home from China to areas like Bay City, Michigan.³
Tudor Dixon’s dangerous agenda would drag Michigan backward by banning abortion without exceptions and supporting a tax scheme that would dismantle the state budget and could lead to higher taxes on working families and devastating cuts to vital services like law enforcement and public education.
  •  Tudor Dixon wants to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother. She said she supports the state’s dangerous 1931 ban on abortion which would put doctors and nurses in jail for up to four years for helping a woman access an abortion. When asked about her plan to ban abortion, Dixon said a 14-year-old girl who was a victim of incest was the “perfect example” and that women “will find a way to do it.” ⁴
  •  Dixon supports a dangerous tax scheme that would dismantle the state budget, which could either raise everyday taxes on working families or cut vital services like public education and $500 million from law enforcement – all to give away tax breaks to the wealthy. ⁵
  •  Instead of looking out for students, schools and parents, Dixon would side with Betsy DeVos and her family, who have pumped over a million dollars into her election. Dixon supports a DeVos-style scheme to strip taxpayer funds from public education to fund private and for-profit schools – even changing the Michigan constitution to get it done. ⁶

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